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I can't help but feel the Ringing World diary has lost its way. Many of the diagrams are so small I cannot read them even with my reading glasses. So after many years of purchasing the diary, I have stopped wasting my money and diverted my attention to providing an easy to read library of popular methods.
This sub-site provides a small selection of method diagrams. For the simpler methods the diagram is accompanied by instructions aimed at people learning to ring the method. Each web page will print as one or two pages of A4 paper giving you access to reasonably large diagrams.
I am sorry if the method you want is not in this online collection but I have to set a limit. Diagrams for the majority of CCCBR library of methods at Stages; Minimus, Doubles, Minor, Triples and Major may be printed by 'Change Ringers Toolkit' online resource. The diagrams produced by the tool can be customised for different layouts, colours and perhaps more importantly, the bell used for the blue line.

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I started to ring in 1993 as an adult recruit and found it immensely difficult. I used my computer programming skills to create a number of pieces of software to help me learn. With the coming of the internet friends suggested making these available for others to use.
Examination of site logs revealed many queries for Blue line diagrams, there are lots of circumstances where it is not practical to install external software on the users computer, for instance if it is their work's machine. To avoid this problem it made sense to make a selection of diagrams available online for printing.

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