Stedman Triples

Stedman Triples

Where do I start?

The diagram shows the start position of each bell as a numbered circle. The accompanying table shows the first few changes in the method and whether you are 'Quick' or 'Slow'.
Starting Positions in Stedman Triples
Starting Work Places Quick or Slow
in a plain course
1 Out to 45 Up (1)234545.. Out Quick
2 Last Whole Turn (2)LL2LL2.. Doing the Slow
3 First Half Turn (3)321233.. Doing the Slow
4 Last 45 Down (4)54332L.. In Slow
5 Last 45 Up (5)456767.. In Quick
6 Last 67 Down (6)765454.. In Quick
7 Last 67 Up (6)776767.. In Slow

Work at a Bob or Single in Stedman Triples

A Bob and Single only affects you when in 45 Up or 67 Up & Down. A Bob at 67 creates a 'Flip' in the direction you go back in compared to a plain course. One or an odd number of Bobs cause you to go in quick or slow in the same way you came out. An Even number of flips mean you go in as you would normally in a Plain Course. (Which is the opposite of how you came out.) Calls in other places marked 'As Normal' don't cause this flip.
The effect of the Conductors Calls
Doing this Work Bob Called Single Called
Do This Next Work Do This Next Work
45 Up Turn over in 5ths and do 45 Down go in [As Normal] Turn over in 5ths and do 45 Down go in [As Normal]
67 Up Another block of 67 Up 67 Down, 45 Down, go in [Flip] Unaffected - Do normal 67 Down 45 Down, go in [As Normal]
67 Down Another block of 67 Down 45 Down, go in [Flip] Turn over in 6ths and do 67 Up 67 Down, 45 Down go in [As Normal]

Calling Positions

The method diagram shows the calling positions in Green, as is standard practice these relate to the six block the number 7 bell ( As this bell is normally rung by the conductor ) is in when the call is made. Calls can be put in at any of these positions but it is usual for the conductor not to affect themselves. To avoid Odd Bobs, two adjacent calling positions that don't affect the conductor have collective names.
Positions Abbreviation Name Work
3, 4 S Slow Going in Slow
5, 6 H Half First half turn
7, 8 L Last Last whole turn
12, 13 Q Quick Quick work