U.K.W.M.O. Communications

A broad range of topics describing the Civil Defence communications networks during the Cold War period 1962-1993.

G.P.O. Line Plant

A nostalgic look at overhead line plant from the sixties and seventies still existing today.

Change Ringer's Toolkit

A web tool to help learn methods and print diagrams. Replacing three of my previously downloadable software titles.

Free Change Ringing Software

A free program to record visits to towers for tower grabbing may be downloaded. My old programs, Ropesight Tutor, Method Tutor and Method Workshop have been migrated into the Change Ringers Toolkit.

Method Guides

Quick and easy guides to commonly rung methods. Beginners may find the Plain Hunt, Plain Bob and Grandsire pages most useful. There are method diagrams for many commonly rung methods too.

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