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External websites for Museums in former RGHQ or ROC premises
Link Comment Hack Green Museum, located in the former Regional Government bunker 10.2 in Cheshire. A well presented display of artifacts from the Cold War period. York Cold War bunker museum, at the former Royal Observer Corp Group headquarters in Acomb. Owned and restored by English Heritage to its condition prior to closure.
www.secretnuclearbunker.comThe Kelvedon Hatch, Secret Bunker museum, located in the former Regional Government bunker 5.1 in Essex. A lot of the displays are out of context for a RGHQ bunker. Worth a visit if only to see the emergency exit cut through the 10ft solid concrete wall. A YouTube video gives a good impression of the size of the place, unfortunately many of the owner's statements are wrong. in the former Regional Government bunker in Anstruther, Fife. I haven't visited this museum. There are stills and videos of the bunker. Sadly, yet again, this owner talks rubbish on the YouTube video. former Regional Government HQ 9.2 built in tunnels. Occasionally open to the public, but this website is well worth a visit to read about its fascinating history dating from WW2. display in Broadway tower. A restored ROC Nuclear Monitoring Post in the grounds is open to the public at weekends. Museum, RAF Neatishead, Norfolk. Not RGHQ or ROC related but houses parts of the Fylingdales BMEWS radar from the golf ball era. Very interesting and professional museum.

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Central Government Headquarters, CorshamA top quality site, just as you would expect from the BBC. Shows pictures of the Burlington Bunker that would have housed the UK Government if it had to leave Whitehall.
Royal Observer Corp PostsIndex of all 1563 ROC posts - Subterranea Britannica
ROC Group HeadquartersIndex to the 31 Royal Observer Corp Groups HQs. Most of the individual pages have internal and external photographs and a description. This index shows the standard design of the buildings. - Subterranea Britannica
Regional Government HeadquartersIndex to Regional Government Headquarters pages. Photographs and descriptions of the majority of sites. - Subterranea Britannica
BT Microwave TowersA good description of the original purpose of the Post Office microwave network. - Subterranea Britannica

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