The Main Features

How To Use the Program.

The Main Screen

View of Screen

After installing the Tower Visit Logger, the program will appear on the start menu under 'Bell Ringing' as 'Visit Logger'. The next stage is to set up Visit Logs for each user. All this requires is a few clicks of the mouse. Accessed from the Menu: Actions / Manage Users

To record a visit, the user first opens their log with Menu: File / Open. Using the Dove Extract window, scroll to the tower and clicks on the appropriate field in the Visitor Records box. The full date and sequence number may be recorded if known, but when transferring historic records from diaries etc, partial dates or simply a flag to indicate a visit may be recorded. The Logfile is gradually built up over any number of sessions.

As each tower is selected, its location is shown on the map (UK Mainland only) as a Red dot. When switching over from displaying All Dove, to your own Visit - Quarters - Peal records, the map displays Red dots for each tower in the selection. My 341 towers are shown on the map above.

Visit logs may be viewed from the main screen, or printed on paper if desired. There are Seven different display and print modes. Print preview enables the printed layout to be checked before committing to paper.

Updating the Doves Tower Information

Tower Visit Logger contains an extract from the 'Central Council of Church Bellringers' Dove database, containing all the rings hung for change ringing having more than three bells. Annually, during April a new database for the Tower Visit Logger may be downloaded from this site. If you ring somewhere that isn't yet in my database, it can be added manually.

To check if a new version is available use the Visit Logger's main Menu: Actions / Check for Database Update. The tower database is updated every April. This is a separate download that contains only the database without the program to save download time for dial-up users.

Limitations of this Free program

Tower Visit Logger is designed for those who wish to simply log their ringing achievements. This easy to use program is not designed to compete with Towerbase which provides many more search and selection features. However my Tower Visit Logger is free, but if you require to see photographs, peal records and find towers within a particular area, then use Towerbase that currently retails for 15 and then 5 or 10 for each upgrade. (Cost Correct at 31-Mar-2011)

Using and Uninstalling the program.

Once installed, the program appears on Window's Start Button Menu, under Programs / Bell Ringing. Should you tire of it, use Control Panel 'Programs and Features' formerly known as 'Add or Remove Programs' to uninstall and remove all trace of the program from you hard disk.

Ready to Download ?

If you are an existing user upgrading to a new computer and moving your Log over then please click on this link to the Upgrade Page for details on what to do. All New Users please read on...

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