Updating Tower Visit Logger


Please check the current version of the Tower Logger program that you are using. This may be done on the program information screen from the Menu Option: Help / About TwrVisit... and note the Version number.

If you are not currently using the Tower Visit Logger then please click the Browser's BACK button as this page is irrelevant to you.

Your Options Depend on the Version In Use

Please choose one of the Green "ACTION" options below from the columns.
Follow the instructions in the box according to the Yellow "CURRENTLY USING:" Program Version number.

Moving to a different computer.
Updating the Tower List Database
ACTION:Updating the Tower Visit Logger Software
Program Version 1.x
All versions from 1.0 to 1.05
On the existing computer, Install the Upgrade Helper available below, read the inbuilt help to guide you through the process. Install the latest version Tower Visit Logger on the receiving computer, use the Manage Users screen to Import and Add the user(s) Logfile. Further database updates for the Version 1 software will not be provided. Please install the Tower Visit Logger Version 2, this will install the new version which you won't be able to use until you have run the Upgrade Helper which is automatically installed and does not need to be separately downloaded. Please read about the process, by clicking the Upgrade Helper's Help button. Start the Upgrade Helper, and use the Upgrade on this Computer button. Once this is completed and all the User(s) Logfiles have been checked with the New Version, the Old Version may be uninstalled.
Program Version 2.00
On the existing computer, use the Menu Option: Actions / Manage Users... to export the Logfile to an exchangeable medium such as Floppy, CD or Memory Stick. Install the Tower Visit Logger on the receiving computer, use the Manage Users screen to Import and Add the user(s) Logfile. Use the Menu Option: Actions / Check for Database Update to access the page where updates are provided for this software.

Please upgrade to the latest Version.

A bug in V2.00 which affects users with more than one log file corrupts the data if a second log is opened without closing the first.
Program Versions 2.01 to 2.04
It is not essential but you may like to upgrade to the latest version as it contains a number of minor improvements on these earlier versions.
Program Version 2.05
No action is necessary.

Download the Upgrade Helper - See Text

This is only needed if you are moving to a new machine and the OLD one is running Version 1.x Tower Logger software. Install this on the OLD computer ONLY. Click the link below to download the Upgrade Helper.

Download the Upgrade Helper : ConvertTVL.exe : File Size 119Kb

Get the latest version of the Tower Visit Logger

If you are familiar with downloading software from the web click the Download Now link. If you require a little guidance please click the Guided Download link instead.

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