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This page contains, in my opinion, some of the more useful sections of the Royal Observer Corps "Standard Operating Procedures". These give an insight into the operation of post instruments and operating procedures at Group Controls. Sections relating to operation of battery charging generators or reporting forms are excluded due to the time it takes to scan these documents which will be of little interest to visitors to this website.
Parts of the training manual relating to the effects of nuclear weapons, the structure of the U.K.W.M.O. and history of the ROC are included too.

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ROC Training Manual

Training Manual Section 5 - The United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation

Eleven pages giving an overview the function of the organisation, its communication paths during the attack warning and fallout warning phases.


Training Manual Section 6 - Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Eleven pages explaining the heat, blast and radiation effects caused by the weapons and fallout protection.


ROC Standard Operating Procedures

Annex A - Writing / Speaking Instructions

How to pronounce the Phonetic Alphabet, time format and instrument reading formats.


Annex B - The Loudspeaker Telephone

Use of the teletalk telephone and test facilities.


Annex C - Post Display Plotting

Procedures for handling and displaying the reports from posts.


Annex E - TOCSIN and TOCSIN BANG Procedures

Handling and passing of bomb detonation information at Group and Sector headquarters level. 13 Pages


Annex L 1 - Bomb Power Indicator

3 Pages describing the unit, preparation and operation.


Annex L 2 - Ground Zero Indicator

Covers all aspects of the GZI, changing papers and interpreting the spot position.


Annex L 3 - Fixed Survey Meter

Description and taking readings.


Annex L 7 - Personal Dose Meter

Its internal construction and use.


Annex L 8 - Dose Meter Charger

How to charge and reset the personal dose meter.


Annex L 9 - Hand Operated Siren

Assembly and use of siren.


Annex L 10 - Fallout Maroon

Peacetime preparation of firing locations. Instruction for operation.


Annex P - Carrier Receiver

Routine tests and wartime operation.


Annex T 2 - Reporting Sequence

A word for word format for exchanging TOCSIN, Explosions heard,Nuclear Burst and Fallout messages.


Annex V - Forms and Formats

This is the index for paper forms and VDU screen formats. The appendix containing these forms and formats are not included. In many cases a paper form has a matching VDU screen format.


Annex X - Warning Keyboard Procedures

The warning keyboard operator is in contact with the Carrier Control Points and passes attack and fallout messages to them.


Annex Y - Log Charts

Plotting of fallout measurements.


H O Documents

RN4 Operating Instructions

Home Office Emergency Planning Division Operating Instructions for UKWMO Group to Post Radio Scheme (RN4). Describes the post radio and pump up mast as well as the operation at the Group HQ. 43 Pages


BT Maintenance Procedures

E8 K4702 ROC Communications Network [ERA 1]

The AD 3460 (Grey Box) Teletalk and Switching of Emergency Circuits for exercises and tests.


Diagram Notes for the AD8010 Teletalk [ERA 2]

The Yellow folding type of Teletalk. Notes to accompany diagram ADW 8010 (Which I don't have).