G.P.O. Bracket No. 6

Chimney Bracket

Bracket No.6
The chimney bracket consists of a corner bracket and three plates, fixed to the four corners of the chimney by a wire passing through a shaped slot in the side plates. Usually chimneys are only a single skin of bricks, this arrangement spreads the load to avoid damaging the chimney stack.
Close Up
The straining wire leaving the right hand side of the bracket, is made off using a Thimble No.4 passing through the eye of a tensioning bolt, whose nut can be seen facing the camera. The other end of the straining wire passes through the three side plates, is made off with a thimble, which fixes directly to the bracket. In this example a Spindle No.4 carries a single insulator, but its compatible with other spindle types and often seen with a No.7
The bracket assembly is riveted to 1¾″ x 1¾″ angle iron 8″ long. The centre of the spindle hole is 3¼″ from the angle iron.

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