G.P.O. Marker Post

Post, Marker No.2 example
Used to mark where a telephone cable runs by displaying the distance in Feet using up to three interchangeable numbers. The examples here are in a reasonable state of repair considering they are at least 50 - 70 years old, but often they are found to be crumbling away to reveal the iron reinforcing bars.
GPO marker post unearthed
The posts are made from reinforced concrete. At the top of the post are the initials GPO, for the General Post Office, telecommunications branch. Underneath usually there is a broad arrow or Pheon often known as 'Crows Foot' used to mark UK Government property as the GPO was a government ministry until October 1969. Below this is a slot for the numbers which bolt through the marker post. Below ground level the marker bells out sideways to prevent it being pulled out of the ground. The dimensions are 6" wide, 3" thick and 30" high and the foot 12" wide.
Officially known as a Post, Marker No.2 there is also a type three which I have not seen, being twice as long would stand around 45" above the ground.
Distance Numbers
These cable position marker posts should not be confused with a silvery metal jointing post.
A much older cast iron marker post dates from the reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and George V may be found along some main roads where early cables were laid. This cable marker in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire has the Edward VII marking, but the plate showing the distance in feet and Inches has disappeared.
Type 1 marker