G.P.O. Insulator, Spindle No. 7

Spindle No.7 drawing
The Insulator Spindle No.7, is double J shaped, carrying two insulators for vertically separated open wires. May be used on ring head pole tops or wall brackets. Normal used on the drop off to a customers premises, when fitted with insulators the wires are spaced 8½" apart and the insulator centres 2⅞" from the mounting point. There are two variants, differing only by the length of threaded section that passes through the bracket. Spindle No.7 is 1½" and Spindle No.7A has a 2" thread.
Spindle No.7
Seen here mounted on a wall spike, missing its insulators.
Spindle No.7, with Insulators
Most commonly seen carrying terminal insulators, but as all insulators have a common thread size, they may be used at through positions, often seen taking wires around the corner of a building.
Spindle No.7, on a ring head
A ring head distribution point was introduced to allow a pole to easily serve customers premises in all directions, which can be difficult to accomplish with armed pole. The ring head takes a maximum of fifteen Spindle No.7. Here being used to feed dropwires after the open copper wires were removed in the modernisation program. The spindles should have been removed and replaced with a Bracket No.27, designed to adapter ring heads for dropwire feeds.